Biography Olivier Lemennicier


Olivier is born in 1959, in Mantes-la-Jolie, Yvelines, France (60 kilometers from Paris).
At school age, his teachers notice his drawing talents and his creativity and encourage him to develop these skills.
Later, he meets Christine. They get married and together they have two beautiful children.
He works in the Industry Sector, and this professional lifestyle makes him work hard in order to provide for his family and afford to buy a small house in Andé, Normandy.
Time is missing... to make the most of the talent that Nature gave him.
« Doesn ‘t matter, I’ll work on it later, when I retire », he says.
But  years go by and retirement time seems still far away.
In May 2008, Olivier walks in an art shop and decides to buy few canvas and brushes to give it a try, just to see what has happened to his almost forgotten gift.
Very quickly, he gets into it, colors are mixing up and the paintings happen at any time of the day or night. A passion is born.
He likes to work with a knife and the small lines that come up with the small brushes remind him of his childhood’s first drawings.
Every single creation brings to this self taught artist a lot of satisfaction.
All themes are approached : landscapes, monuments, portraits, still-life, animals, life scenes.... and light effects are sometimes amazing.
He likes to share his passion with people around him, and takes into account the comments and compliments that are sent to him.
Olivier is now 57 and he is a happy man who lives his passion without forgetting his relatives.
The recognition of his signature, in different exibitions in Normandy,is a great encouragement and helps him to constantly improve himself.
Where will he go ?